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Angola - Mutual visa exemption with Mozambique and South Africa

On 29 November 2017 were published (i) the Agreement on visa exemptions between Angola and Mozambique, approved by the Presidential Decree 322/17, of 29 November, and (ii) the Proceedings for the implementation of visa exemptions between Angola and and South Africa, approved by Presidential Decree 321/17, of 29 November.

Both Decrees establish a mutual visa exemption for citizens of these countries, holders a of these countries, holders of a valid ordinary passport, for the purposes of tourism, vacations, family visits, private business or in in transit. It is not granted however the right to establish residency, to work or study in the respective countries.

In both cases, it is allowed a period of stay up to of up to 30 days, renewable, in the case of Mozambique, for one time on one time on exceptional and duly justified circumstances, and, exceptional and duly justified circumstances, and, exceptional and duly justified circumstances, and, in the case of South Africa, for a maximum of 90 days per each calendar year.

These agreements are valid for 5 years, renewable for equal years, renewable for equal and successive periods of time. The agreement between Angola and Mozambique will enter into force on the date of receipt of the last written notification informing about the compliance with the international legal formalities of each Party of the respective agreement; whereas the agreement between Angola and South Africa became effective on the day following its publication.


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