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Mining Indaba 2018

Mining Indaba 2018

The Investing in African Mining Indaba has been one of the most important and largest mining events over the last 20 years. Between the 5th and 8th February 2018, investors, mining companies, government officials and other stakeholders from all over the world will be gathering in Cape Town. Ultimately, the goal is to advance the Mining Industry across Africa in all areas of its development. The world-famous conference, also called Mining Indaba, serves not only as a platform for technical exchange, but also deals with topics such as education, careers, sustainable development and many more African related themes.

Mineral Resources are an essential basis on which the economic development as well as the prosperity in Germany depends. The country in Europe’s heart, is one of the largest consumers of mineral resources worldwide, and is heavily dependent on imports. Bilateral stability between trading governments are crucial to ensuring the efficient supply of these resources. Parallel to the economic feasibility of mining projects, the sustainability of resource extraction should be a key consideration to political and economic decision-makers.

For the past three years, the mining industry within southern Africa has been hard pressed with the downturn in commodity prices. Despite the challenging environment, the opportunities by means of the immense raw material deposits still outweigh these considerations. A recovery in prices as well as significant activities in the mining industry by the governments will allow for substantial future potential in the respective regions.

With regards to the entire mining industry in Africa, it should be noted that great opportunities are offered alongside great challenges. The topic of sustainable development is a trending theme, playing a major role throughout the region. The mining sector must address the issue of a common vision for a sustainable development in the industry. How exactly should such a vision be formulated and anchored? What steps should be taken to ensure successful implementation? How can the breach of trust between governments, associations, the private sector and other stakeholders be restored? A fortiori, it is necessary to develop and to finally implement, strategies and solutions in respect to better working conditions in the mining sector. Another important topic which deserves attention is occupational health and safety in the mining sector. Many projects have already been initiated in this regard and it now becomes important to build on the first success stories that have been delivered so far.

To clarify these complex issues, it is important that all countries in the region, with all their unique and individual structures come together.

To realize and implement a common vision also requires outside players’ buy-in and support. Players, who are familiar with the uniqueness of Africa, who are familiar to the rules of the game and who are willing to develop strategies in a respectful way.

The Competence Centre Mining & Mineral Resources at the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry is aligned with the Resource Strategy of the Federal Republic of Germany. On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Competence Centre aims to be the central point of contact for German companies. The Competence Centre’s main focus is on Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, where mining is one of the most important industries.

Embedded in the well-known German Mining Network, which addresses with its unique structure and bundled expertise German companies and institutions – the Competence Centre is internationally well-connected. A close collaboration within the network and good contacts in politics and business ensures a professional and goal-oriented way of working.

The Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Competence Centre Mining & Mineral Resources in particular will be present at the Mining Indaba in Cape Town 2018.

The Competence Centre hopes that you will have a pleasant stay at the Mining Indaba and welcomes all participants in sunny South Africa. The entire team wishes all visitors a successful and memorable conference – carry your positive impressions back home and beyond the borders of Africa.


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